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Island Oak Medical Spa, LLC

Asian reflexology is an ancient form of massage therapy in which the soles of the feet are massaged, designed to stimulate the blood supply and nerves thus relieving tension in the rest of the body. This enhances overall relaxation, bringing internal organs and their systems into a state of balance.

Asian reflexology is particularly helpful in the United States where approximately 86% of people commute by car, one of the largest percentages in the world. The blockage of blood-flow to the nervous system by being in a seated position for such a long period of time can cause pain. Applying pressure to specific pressure points located from the knee to the sole of the foot releases the blockage to provide relief.

The Island Oak Pedicure begins by focusing on six major pressure points and utilizing all-natural products. Three of these pressure points target people under the age of 45 and three target those who are less active or retirement age. Additional points can be used for people suffering from sciatica, lower back pain, or headaches.


Our Story

Peter and Martha Khong chose to establish Island Oak Spa & Nail on Johns Island because of its natural tranquility. For years Johns Island has been known as a peaceful retreat for those in search of relaxation, world-renowned golf courses, and retirement living. Asian Reflexology can only be practiced close to nature making Johns Island a pristine location for the spa. Island Oak is nestled in a quiet plaza set apart from the street.

Peter M. Khong

Acupuncturist – Founder

Peter Khong has been practicing in Asian Reflexology 10+ years. He is well known for having a holistic approach with a gentle touch in order to obtain miraculous results using Eastern and Western techniques. Within the last nine years, he has traveled around the country to serve his clients.

Mai T. Nguyen

Spa Manager – Summerville

Mai is the manager of our Summerville location, Venus Day Spa.  It has been owned by Vietnamese families for decades and recently reopened after the closure of COVID19.  Mai has been here since the time of the previous owners and her passion is very clear in her work.  Very detail oriented and committed to satisfying her customers.

Martha L. Khong

Certified HydraFacial Specialist – Aesthetician

Martha Khong is the HydraFacial Specialist and Aesthetician of Island Oak Medical Spa. Her passion is family. Her specialty is the treatment of blemishes on the face and scalp. Her joy is your beauty and youthfulness she helps develop.

Melanie P. Dooley

Spa Manager – Kiawah Island

Lawrence Advinucula

Nail Technician

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